El modul is an innovative plug-and-play solution based on a hardware module and associated software applications. The module is easily inserted into your Kamstrup meter, giving you, as the only solution in Denmark, access to your electricity consumption, as well as the associated CO2 emissions in real time.

co2 monitoring energy monitoring

Monitor your electricity consumption and CO2 emissions in real time!

Quick and easy installation

Insert the El modul into your Kamstrup Omnipower power meter. Quick setup via app.

User-friendly applications

El modul offers two applications: (i) Smart-me, which shows live electricity consumption, and (ii) Solstroem, which in addition to electricity consumption also monitors your CO2 emissions in real time.

Optimize your electricity consumption

When you know your consumption and CO2 emissions on an hourly basis, you get to know where to optimize. The Solstroem system is due for. (Q2 2020)

Climate compensation for your CO2 emissions

Through the Solstroem system you can monitor your CO2 emissions and buy CO2 offsets from solar projects in developing countries (this feature will be launched in Q2 2020).


40,000 already in the cloud

Serial connect your modules

Email notifications

In Europe, 40.000 companies and homeowners have installed their module and they can easily keep track of their own consumption.

Integrated Data Logger

The module stores your consumption data for up to 2 months. El modul gives you access to your energy consumption in real time.

In the Smart-me app you can easily connect all your Kamstrup electricity meters in serie so that you get a total consumption of all your electricity meters

Access to the Solstroem System (Q2 2020)

Allows you to monitor your CO2 emissions in real time and automated climate compensation

It is possible to receive an alarm by e-mail if your electricity consumption exceeds what is expected. It is possible to code your own `` IF-THEN '' function.

Smart-me App

Gives you access to your electricity consumption in real time.